The Moscow State Opera and Ballet Theatre for Young Audience named after Natalia Sats


Debates about what constitutes “theatre for children” are still not over and I think will never be over. Do we need a special children-oriented theatre? Or is it better if kids are bringing up by attending grown-up shows?
I have still not found an exact answer, but one thing I know for sure: if at certain period children are not taken to a theatre, art gallery, concert halls or classical music venues something very important for a child’s formation can be lost.
Our theatre is absolutely unique as it is the world’s first and so far the only professional state opera and ballet theatre for young audience. But even though theatre always had its own inimitable style today its mission should be rethought.
In the past our country had a special system of aesthetic education aimed at the all-round development of children. But today things look very different. Children have changed a lot and just a spectacular entertainment show cannot surprise them any longer. I believe that contemporary theatre for children should be as interactive as possible, helping young spectators to discover something new about the world and themselves. Theatre should give children that which they won’t find anywhere else – not in any amusement park or on the Internet. And how can one dispense with Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Verdi assistance? Our theatre’s aim is to establish a foundation for developing children’s taste, their feeling for the genuine music, literature and art.

Georgiy Isaakyan

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