Educational work and social programmes

The theatre has grown to become a real centre of music and cultural education for children and young people. The main goal of its Education Department – the first of its kind in the opera world – is to give young audiences access to musical culture.

There are several different programmes and projects which have been initiated by the department with this aim in mind including:

- “The Backstage World”. In the frame of this programme children have tours of theatre and get an acquaintance with the theatre professions.

- “Friends Club” – In the frame of this project the theatre collaborates with various schools and artistic groups.

- “Theatres-Sputniks”. This project is over 30 years old and during these years theatre has been collaborating with children’s amateur non-professional music and drama groups from Russia and the near abroad.

-Festival of School Theatres, Blue Bird Festival.

The theatre also runs a number of social programmes and programmes for the physically challenged.

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