Mikhail Lermontov
featuring music by ARAM KHACHATURIAN


Duration 2 hours 10 minutes

The ballet choreographed by Kirill Simonov based on the play by Mikhail Lermontov «Masquerade».

The hero of the drama, Arbenin, is a wealthy middle-aged man endowed with a rebellious spirit and a strong will. He lives by the laws of high society that he belongs to, and, in trying to defend his honor while blinded by jealousy and pride, ends up murdering his wife by poisoning ice cream at a ball-masquerade, but after, realizing that he has murdered his beloved wife without cause, goes insane.

“It is not by accident that “Masquerade” appears in our playbill in 2017 – at the year of the 100 anniversary of the legendary performance by Vsevolod Meyerhold staged at the Alexandrinsky Theatre and of The Russian Revolution. This is how our theatre celebrates the double meaning of one of the most important dates both in the history of the Russian theatre and in the life of the country”, says Georgiy Isaakyan.

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