Amusing sketches in four scenes

Choreography by Michael Fokine
Director Andris Liepa

duration 1 hour

Pertushka by Igor Stravinskiy was first presented 100 years ago in Paris as a part of Sergei Diagilev’s non-repertoire productions.

Igor Stravinsky once had an idea for virtuoso piano piece with an orchestra accompaniment. While composing it, Stravinsky said that he imagined a toy dancer who with his “diabolical cascades of arpeggios tests the patience of the orchestra”.

When Stravinsky played this music for Diaghilev, he enthusiastically exclaimed: “Why, this is a ballet! It is Petrushka!”

That is how the idea of this ballet production came into being, with the sets and costumes and the libretto, all created by Alexandre Benois.

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