duration 2 h 10 min
with one intermission

This ballet about seeking the Blue Bird of happiness has been a “trademark” of the Natalia Sats theatre for many years. Originally the ballet was staged as homage to composer Iliya Sats, Natalia Sats’s father, who created the music for the Moscow Art Theatre performance in the early 20th century.

Now, in the year of its 50th anniversary our theatre decided to breathe new life into the famous ballet by giving great enduring music of Iliya Sats a modern sounding from one of the leading Russian composers Efrem Podgaits. To work on a new version of the ballet a unique creative team has been assembled: distinctive choreographer Kirill Simonov, famous set designer, acknowledged master of “animate scenography” Emil Kapeliush, costume designer Stefania Graurogkaite and an old friend and colleague of our theatre light designer Eugeniy Ganzburg. The musical director and conductor of the show – the chief conductor of the Moscow Operetta Theatre Konstantin Khvatynets.

“The Blue Bird is a landmark project for our theatre in its anniversary season, – says Artistic Director of the theatre Georgiy Isaakyan, – as it is impossible to imagine history of the XX century theatre and Sats family without legendary performance of the Moscow Art Theatre. Our new Blue Bird has an absolutely unique and very modern production team and we all look forward to the birth of the performance which talks to today’s audience in today’s theatre language.”

A girl Mytyl and her brother Tyltyl are pleasant children who are led on a quest for the elusive Blue Bird of Happiness by the Fairy, who gives them a magic reed pipe that allows them to call forth the souls of all things, both living and inanimate. On their journey, they are accompanied by the human personifications of a dog, a cat, water, sugar, bread, milk, light, fire, and the like. They venture through many lands, visit the kingdoms of the past and future and the queendoms of night and luxury, at each place absorbing more wisdom.

The premiere will take place on the May 28, 29 in the frame of the International Chereshnevy Les Open Art Festival.

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