Natalia Sats at the construction site

The building of the theatre is situated in the historical district of Moscow and is one of the most outstanding theatre complexes of the city. Everything in the theatre was created with children’s audience in mind and helps to bring theatre closer to children, make it more open, clear and interesting for them. There are a lot of interactive corners in our theatre which are very interesting both for young and adult audience. Everything tells about music and helps to learn how to love it. Everything is submitted to one aim – to achieve an atmosphere of veneration and joy in perception of music.

The unique outside and inner architecture is one of the peculiarities of our theatre. Blue bird sculpture is seated at the very top of the theatre building. This symbol of happiness together with a harp became a trade mark of the Moscow State Opera and Ballet Theatre for Young Audience named after Natalia Sats. There are the golden medallions with the heroes of Pushkin’s fairy tales on the facade of the theatre.

Over the lower foyer the suspension bridges are built. Before each performance the actors come out dressed up in costumes of famous fairytales characters, greet and talk with the children from those bridges.

In the upper foyer there are the sculptures of Lel, Boyan and Orheus. There is the winter-garden in the theatre, real birds sing in the aviary. The theatre also has a unique Palekh Room, decorated by the giant Palekh panels painted with characters and scenes from the famous Russian and European novels and fairytales, a hall for music lectures, large foyers, and even special room for parents and the infant “spectators”. The Main Stage with the beautiful theatre curtain featuring the images of the Rimski-Korsakov’s opera “Sadko” has 1100 seats and three stages, so the action can take place simultaneously in three spaces.

The Small Auditorium that has just been reconstructed and turned out into very contemporary, technically modernized convertible site, which could shape and seat from 120 to 300 spectators.

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