interactive media performance based on the legendary Federico Fellini’s film

Director Georgiy Isaakyan
Conductor Simone Fermani (Italy)

duration 2 h 40 min
with one intermission

Inspired by satirical film directed by Federico Fellini this interactive performance, featuring the music by the greatest Italian composers of the XIX Century Donizetti, Rossini and Verdi, follows an orchestra assembling for a rehearsal under the inquisitive eyes of a television crew, whose cameras, like a microscope, enlarge every detail of the rehearsal process. During the rehearsal an uprising breaks out and the musicians go on strike against the conductor overthrowing him and replacing him with a giant metronome.

Usually the orchestra and musicians are just part of the show, merely “locked” in a orchestra pit. Here they are the heroes; they have their lines (sung by opera soloists) and an importance in the story.

Spectators of this interactive show are placed right on the stage among the musicians, becoming a part of the magical ritual – theatre rehearsal.

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